Return policy 

Return policy 

The company supports online shops and is informed about products which descriptions display its pages. The company encourage people to use the Internet in theirs daily purchases.
However, if you do not pleased by your order, you can return part or all products within fourteen (14) days of receipt.
It clarified that the returned products must not be used, worn, altered or damaged and the labels that accompany the product should be present, just as it was when you received it along with the sales receipt or invoice.  Also, you must communicate via e-mail at and the company gives you the property instruction and return code. If does not available the new product that you want, the company will return your money or the amount of the product purchase is credited to your account and can be used in any new order you wish. In all these cases, return costs are charged to the customer

Returns due to delivery error 

In all cases that the company delivers other product and makes mistake with type or amount, or missing a product than those ordered, you should contact via e-mail at Customer should return the goods and the company checks and amend the mistake. Customer should return the product in the main package exactly as received.  In this case, return cost of product are sold by the company. It is necessary that customer maintain the product in initially situation. The company can refuse to change the product if there is possible deception. 

Return of imperfect products

You should return the imperfect products 7 calendar days of the delivery. It is necessary; the product must not be damaged and has all original documents (eg Retail etc) and full packaging. The company will make effort to be replaced with same or similar product and customer do not charge anything. You must inform us by e-mail at The company will send you instructions; in what way you return the product and give you return code. If the product is no longer available, it will be replaced with equivalent product upon request or the company returns your money.